Pacific Thrills.

Welcome to another installment! We last left off somewhere along Melrose, but today, surf's up and there is a chance of some Pacfic (Ocean) thrills! 🏄🏼

But first, can we just take a second and appreciate California sunsets?



Okay, moving forward... Ah, Venice Beach! The staple of tourist attractions, with its unique crowds and lucrative boardwalk. Venice is a wild Los Angeles destination. Do not fret at the sight of the ripped folks on Muscle Beach, or the outrageously talented skaters, you owe yourself this LA experience. 

In the midst of all the chaos that Venice is, there is a cute little coffee stop and that, my friends, is Menotti's!

Menotti's- Venice Beach, CA

Menotti's- Venice Beach, CA

Tucked away in the sea of creatives, basketball players, mimes, musicians, jugglers, and endless palm trees, lies this gem. Their peculiar way of serving Four Barrel Coffee is one for the books, and will leave you craving the salty air and tasty caffeine for days to come! 

Since Menotti's serves Four Barrel Coffee (a NorCal roaster) there comes with the property the imaginative ways to prepare espresso. The drink to the left is an espresso tonic.  A refreshing new way to experience caffeine, originated in the Bay Area (or so the legend goes). Tonic water is chilled and then the magic happens when a double shot of espresso is poured on top. A wedge of orange peel is then squeezed and left to surf the waves of bubbly goodness! Voila, before you know it, an invigorating feeling occurs once you take the first sip. 😍

Now, if you're squeamish about tonic water and espresso, take a stroll down the classics, and order an almond milk mocha. The velvety texture and rich mocha flavor will make you feel so glad you grew up from plain ol' chocolate milk habits and added caffeine to it! 😄 

Menotti's has a wonderful staff and a rad owner, that will greet you with a smile! So, next time you're sunbathing or people watching in Venice, stop by Menotti's and experience some good ol' hospitality. 



Until next time, stay caffeinated!